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Let’s Talk about Fats…

Fats are considered a macronutrient, meaning these a nutrients are substances that the body needs for growth and other important physiological processes.  The main macronutrients the body uses are fats (lipids), carbohydrates (think pasta, pizza and bread) and protein!  Fats can be further classified based on chemical structure and bonds, and this is where we… Continue reading Let’s Talk about Fats…

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Botanical Spotlight: Cinnamon!

Since learning about cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum & Cinnamomum cassia), this commonly used household spice has furthered my love for plants and their power.  The inner bark of the cinnamon tree is used for its medicinal properties.  Cinnamon doesn’t just smell good and taste delicious in desserts, it actually has several other actions: Carminative: aid with… Continue reading Botanical Spotlight: Cinnamon!

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Non-Meat Protein Sources

Protein is one of our major macronutrients.  Recall, carbohydrates, fats and proteins are macronutrients, this is where the body gets energy from.  But why do we even need protein in our diets anyways?  While carbohydrates and fats can provide us with energy, proteins are the main building blocks of our bodies.  Proteins make up muscles,… Continue reading Non-Meat Protein Sources