Do You Rotate?


Do you rotate?  What in the world am I even referring to?  Simply put, do you rotate the foods in your fridge and pantry or do you eat the same 20-30 foods monthly?  Although there hasn’t been much research done on the subject, there has been speculation that eating the same foods daily can potentially lead to the development of food intolerances or sensitivities.

If you are consuming the same foods daily, your digestive system may start to have a hard time breaking these foods down.  These undigested bits of food do not get properly absorbed and can wreak havoc if they end up in your bloodstream.  If they end up in your circulating blood, these pieces of food are recognized as “foreign” by the body and leads to activation of the immune system as it attempts to remove the foreign entity.  The more and more you continue to eat this same food, your body continues to produce antibodies.  The more antibodies your body has towards this invader, the stronger the immune response elicited will be upon subsequent feeding of the same foods.  This can lead to symptoms such as fatigue, bloating or maybe  even abdominal cramping .

So, try adding something new to your grocery cart at least once a month.  Or try swapping out commonly eaten foods for others that are similar so you aren’t depriving yourself of foods you enjoy.  For example, if you frequently use the same type of lettuce to prepare your salads, try using a different variety.  The same can be applied to berries, nuts and even cuts of meat.  Don’t limit yourself to the same foods, get wild and explore all that glorious foods mother nature has to offer.


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2 thoughts on “Do You Rotate?

  1. Are you talking about processed foods or real food? Real food along with healthy lifestyles should provide the necessary tools for proper digestion. If there are food intolerances or other causes for inflammatory disease, I would understand your hypothesis better. Simply eating similar foods in and of itself should not cause digestive disorders based on my studies and research. I am not offering this comment as a challenge, but rather as a question to ask for greater explanation. If you need greater room to reply, feel free to email me at

    You are pursuing a wonderful career. Open dialogue among all of us helps strengthen our knowledge and understanding to help our patients receive the best information and care possible. I look forward to reading your future posts. Best of luck in all your studies.

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    1. Hey,
      First off, thanks for checking out my blog and reading some of the posts.

      This article was definitely more focused on processed foods and the problems they could potentially cause if they are being consumed frequently. As I mentioned there hasn’t been an extensive amount of research done on this, but from what I have been learning rotating foods and reading, rotating foods doesn’t hurt. I completely agree that if we consume whole foods/real foods than the body will be able to function optimally! I am super excited and passionate about the field that I have chosen and also believe that open dialogue is important to better the health of your patients and my future patients!

      Thanks again for stopping by!

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