keeping it simple

Being healthy is important to me and as I look around grocery stores and “overhear conversations”, one thing has become very clear to me.  People are becoming more concerned about their health and are eager to make changes.

Grocery stores are now starting to cater to the wide variety of diets many follow, from paleo to gluten free to raw.  Produce sections are expanding in some grocery stores and beautiful rainbows of fruits and vegetables are becoming more and more commonplace.

But for some the thought or notion of starting on a healthy track can be daunting, even just the word might make people anxious.  Remember in grade school learning the acronym “KISS”, which stood for-keep it simple silly!  This is exactly how I like to approach leading a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some of the ways that I keep it simple to simplify healthy living.

  • Use food as your medicine, create beautiful colourful plates.
  • Drink water, nourish your body with the fluid that makes up over 80% of  your body
  • Getting adequate rest
    •  Now I must admit getting rest is something I struggle with, being in school, studying,having a social life, getting my nails done, blah blah blah.  We are all busy, but after running around all day, adequate rest is the best treat I can give to my body


Pretty simple right?

Best in Health,




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